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Instrument made on demand. It takes about three months to make. For further details you can contact me directly.

This is a hybrid instrument of my own creation. The sound is similar to that of the donsongoni (guitar used by hunters in west Africa). I’ve added 2 strings with a lower pitch so that this instrument can be played in the same octave as a kamalengoni.

Play this instrument in a group to enhance its potential.



10c-01-4-1 ,


  • Tuning : Entre La / Do / Re / Mi / Sol  et   Si / Re / Mi / Fa# / La
  • Neck : érable
  • Mechanical :  GOTOH
  • Strings : Savarez
  • Skin : cerf
  • Instrument guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defect.

Available options

  • Color option on handles woven with cotton: + 100 €
  • Deer or suede skin option + 40 € included
  • Option of a personalized hearing between 50 and 120 €
  • Amplification option with the Ischell system, between 270 and 500 €

By default the base is on the right. For the skin choose your option and write the additional information (ex: suede skin, bass on the left) in the command in the text field provided for this purpose.
You can of course combine several options or also ask me for a particular design, in this case contact me by email or phone for a custom quote.

Shipping prices: France 50 € / Europe 80 €

This product is only shipped to the European Union via the online store. Contact me if you are outside this area.