Make your own Kamalengoni in 4 days


Ngoni Classes

Private classes so you can play the instrument on your own



You can host a concert at your own home


Music Therapy

With a pentatonic scale and soothing sounds


Enjoy and discover the Kamalengoni:

A fun workshop open to everyone, musicians or not.


Workshop: Create your own instrument

You can learn how to create your own kamalengoni in 4 days.

  • In this workshop, you have the time to be introspective, expressive, creative…you make your own instrument, fully aware of all the steps.
  • At the end of the workshop, time will be put aside so that you can learn the basics on how to play.
  • You will leave with the joy of having created your very own instrument, an instrument in which the quality of the sound and sight are guaranteed.
  • You don’t need to be extremely handy; the bridge and the neck are made for you before you arrive.
  • The dates for 2024: April 11 to 14, June 6 to 9, August 8 to 11, October 24 to 27 .
Price of the workshop, material included

10 strings – 980€ / 12 strings – 1220 €

Kamalengoni Classes

The ngoni house offers private and group classes with the objective of helping you to quickly be able to play on your own.

  • The long-term goal is for you to be able to use the instrument in creative expression.
  • You will learn to understand and play short pieces of music and also, you will be taught fingering exercises. These various techniques will help you to deepen your capacity to listen and understand rhythm.
  • The teacher can also come to your center (music academy, conservatory, festival) with several kamalengonis and offer different types of workshops.

CLASSES BY SKYPE, in French, English, and Spanish.


25€ for 30 minutes  for one or several students even with Skype
200€/5 hours

Meditative Concert

Somewhere between a concert and a musical voyage

Check out the video on the right to understand with your senses.

Terms and conditions

Contact me to organise a concert

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You can also host a concert in your home

Music Therapy

For several years now I have been playing the kamalengoni for mentally-challenged adults.

  • With a reassuring shape, the color of the sounds soothes and calms. The instrument works wonders for mentally challlenged adults and helps to open the door to exploring music.
  • By using the pentatonic scale, which means that the notes can all be played together, one can be easily guided towards introspection
  • This instrument really does help one feel safe and secure with the pentatonic scale and soothing sounds. In this way everyone, musicians and non musicians, can feel the joy of music.

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Enjoy and discover the Kamalengoni:

Discover in music.

  • One of the amazing things about kamalengoni is that since the notes are all on a pentatonic scale, the instrument does not have any false notes. This means that you don’t necessarily need to be a musician in order to play.
  • I think that the experience of learning and playing on your own should be shared with others. Since the instrument doesn’t have any false notes, it’s easy. And all the while, I am present, in order to guide the group in playing and exploring the instrument in a fun stress-free environment.
  • I present the kamalengoni with words and with music and afterwards I encourage each participant to feel at ease and to let the creativity flow with this magical instrument.
  • Listening, feeling, creativity, music, and fun guaranteed !

The session is about two hour long.