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  • Subscription to ngoni classes online

    I offer you a special price for individual class by “skype” during your subscription period : 20€ instead of 25€ for a 30′ class .
    With your subscription you will have access to my videos, in which you can learn how to play the Kamalengoni in the traditional way. The videos are adapted to instruments with the bass on the left or right side. I make the videos with a ngoni 10 strings, but you can also follow this classes with a 8 or 12 strings without problems. New videos, from beginner to advanced, are added from time to time. As of right now, 29 pieces of music are studied and I explain you how to play the harmonics. You will also find 19 variations for some tracks. You can preview the tutorials by watching some of my free videos, found on this page.
    Everything that I’ve learned and am now teaching comes from the kamalengoni master Abou Diarra, who I’ve the chance to study with since 2008.

An intuitive harp from Mali, without false notes

The ngoni is an instrument made from a calabash (gourd) and tuned to a pentatonic scale. In the country of origin, the kamalengoni, or “young man’s guitar”, is a modern instrument. Inspired by the hunter’s guitar, donsongoni, the ngoni is played in a more recreational sense, for fun and not necessarily during rituals. The harp can be called intuitive because it is tuned to a pentatonic scale, but this is my own opinion.


The Ngoni House offers handcrafted Kamalengonis


The ngoni house offers private and group classes


The ngoni house offers a 4-day workshop where you create your own kamalengoni


With Music Therapy and Energy Healing for everyone and every age


With free score sheets and online tutorials


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The Ngoni House offers an array of professional handmade instruments made with the highest quality and the most durable materials possible.

You will be enchanted by the intuitive harp without false notes.


Traditional instruments, handcrafted and sold with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Kamalengoni 10 strings lutherie

    1 600,00

    Instrument made on demand. It takes about three months to make. For further details you can contact me directly.

    This instrument has a rich and full-bodied sound.The neck is made either with rosewood or wengue and for each string I use bone nuts.

  • Kamalengoni 14 strings lutherie

    2 400,00

    Instrument made on demand. It takes about three months to make. For further details you can contact me directly.

    I created this instrument, my first, for Abou Diarra. We made the neck together and thanks to his experience in the field, I was able to learn about the spaces between the strings and the mechanical placements on the neck.

    Even though this instrument has more strings, it is still easy to play and has the potential to play a very large range of melodies. It is, without a doubt, an excellent choice for Music Therapy.






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The sound is perfect and the tuning stays put. To keep it brief... it's awesome !!! I can't wait to see you again to learn some new rhythms.

Thank you Joris for helping me throughout the workshop. He's a great teacher and (now I have) a great Ngoni !

It's been two years since now that this instrument has been a part of my family... It was love at first site.


So you don’t miss a thing !