Subscription to ngoni classes online

Subscription to ngoni classes online


I offer you a special price for individual class by “skype” during your subscription period : 15€ instead of 20€ for a 30′ class .
With your subscription you will have access to my videos, in which you can learn how to play the Kamalengoni in the traditional way. The videos are adapted to instruments with the bass on the left or right side. I make the videos with a ngoni 10 strings, but you can also follow this classes with a 8 or 12 strings without problems. New videos, from beginner to advanced, are added from time to time. As of right now, 29 pieces of music are studied and I explain you how to play the harmonics. You will also find 19 variations for some tracks. You can preview the tutorials by watching some of my free videos, found on this page.
Everything that I’ve learned and am now teaching comes from the kamalengoni master Abou Diarra, who I’ve the chance to study with since 2008.

In order to access the videos, you need to use the Ngoni website. Feel free to ask me any questions, especially if you are feeling lost or need clarification. Even if you are not yet subscribed to the videos you can  Contact me with any of your questions.

Subscription duration

1 month, 12 month, 6 month