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The making of a ngoni

The home of the ngoni invites you to come and craft your own kamalengoni in 2 or 4 days

The difference between the 2 workshops lays in the depth of connection with the instrument during the 4 days crafting process.

At the end of the workshop, a discovery time is planned around playing techniques.

Encounter with your first melody


You will leave with the joy of having given birth to your own instrument, the acoustic and aesthetic quality of which we guaranty.


During the workshop, you will learn to work and mount the sounding board and assemble the instrument.

This workshop does not require handiwork skills, since the neck and bridge will have been prepared ahead of time.


1st day : preparing the calabash, the bamboos and mounting the skin on the calabash

2nd day : cutting and shaping of the skin, assembling the instrument, tuning and joyful initiation.


2 days: 500 € for a 10-string.

4 days: 700 € for a 10-string.

Local stay possible :
Next workshops in 2016 May 26 to 29 , August 12 to 15.

For more details, please contact us !